Dear Sirs,

with this letter I would like to ask you to devote me some time.

Me and my partner start ICO project soon. We spent months in developing our project.

Its Insurance company of the new type built on blockchain.

We passed dozens of hours with our developers checking different blockchains and I am sure that it should be build on the base of Ripple.

It has all characteristics we are interested in. All developers I found who work for blockchain teams do not know ripple in practice and try to persuade me that Ethereum platform is enough.

But I want the best blockchain! With the highest speed, lowest cost for transaction and great team, which is different from others, the results of integration Ripple into banks sphere are really great.

And I am sure that our project can be very interesting for RIPPLE as additional possibility to disrupt one more sphere %)

We have very strong team. Blockchain team-leaders start to study Ripple and that means that we will reach the aim but slower than it could be. It can be much easier and more successfully with your support and advising.

I found materials about smart Oracle but have many questions.

I realised that there is no one ICO project that used Ripple and suppose that it is connected with the lack of information (or brain) about Ripple possibilities.

I would like to ask you:
- to read our presentation to see what we need from the system in General
- to examine what can be realised with you
- to answer the question and possibility of creating tokens on the base of ripple or how to connect ethereum tokens with ripple platform
- how can be realised payment processes with you
- to help us with the technical advising from your company
- to devote us some time on Skype to get acquainted and to share your opinion
- to share with us the success of one more global project and get additional application in the another sphere.
- to join our vision of insurance of the new type

Please, find the presentation here:

Our site is

Looking forward for the answer,

Sincerely yours,

Elena Zhura
+7 917 575 91 98 (whats up / viber / telegram)

Elena Zhura