Instant claim payment
Transparency for all participants
No paperwork
Insurance company 3.0
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Belay is
a decentralised insurance platform with instant claim payment
Instant claim payment
Right here, right now!
No paperwork
Just press the button!
Instant claim approval
No any sloths in chain!
AI/ML scoring
Seems like Skynet?
Fully transparency
More than clear window!
Money and time economy
Don't spend time on those
who spend your money!
1. Insured
The insured person obtains smart insurance contact.
2. Flight delay occurrence
The flight delay accures and you just press a button.
3. Independent data sources
The accident is instantly confirmed with independent data sources.
4. Oracle accident verification
The oracle confirms insurance accident automatically or by the Insured request.
5. Payment
Oracle accepts the claim and the payment is automatically transferred to the Insured account.
Insurance Services
Flight Delay / Cancellation insurance
Based on public flight data

Accident insurance
Based on wearable devices data
Property insurance
Based on IoT data
Car insurance
Based on telematics data
Life insurance
Based on wearable devices data
Cyber insurance
E-commerce shipment return
Personal belongings
Any other products
How It Works
We just compile customer needs
and nowadays technologies
Belay uses blockchain — technology that provides unbreakable decentralized record keeping for all past and future transactions.
Smart contracts instead of standard agreements — trusted software code used to set up and execute insurance policies using blockchain technology.
Time and money saving
Payments are produced instantly and You do not need waste time on collecting numerous documents and waiting for traditional claim approval procedure.
Automated independent Oracles instead of standard claim handling procedures by several preconceived employees allow to become the most honest insurance company.
2017 Q4
Closed ICO
2018 Q1
Legal set-up
2018 Q2
Product lineup approval
Smart contracts and scoring system set up
Flight delay insurance launch
2019 Q2
Accident insurance launch
Property insurance launch
Car insurance launch
Perspective products
BLY tokensale
Exact BLY tokensale dates will be provided soon.
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Pre-ICO tokensale will start soon.
ICO will start in Q1-Q2 2018.
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We have a complete set of competencies
Ilya Kosolapov
Founder, Project Ideologist
Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University), specialization «Insurance».
15+ years experience in insurance. Insurtech since 2007. Same year launched first IT project in car insurance (> 100.000 insured cars). Developed from scratch technological products in insurance related areas.
Elena Zhura
Founder, Business development
Moscow State University of International Relations, Marketing.
Analyst, expert in the eld of innovative developments, vast expertise in breakthrough (advanced) technologies. 10 years of experience in the promotion and implementation of innovative and energy-ef cient developments in the Russian and international markets. Founder of the Laboratory of Block-chain Technologies.
Ilya Egoshin
Co-founder, Business and insurance lead
Higher School of Economics National Research University (HSE) Economics science, corporate nance and insurance. 15+ year experience in insurance and financial markets business leadership and project management. Start -up, development and management of digital and retail channels of Top-10 insurance companies (up to 100 mln EUR portfolio). Set- up, launch and bringing digital projects to self sufficiency in insurance market since 2008. Implementation of modern operational and technology solutions for retail sales optimization and automation. Optimization of processes, decentralized staff and business units efficiency management for transparent development and profitable growth.
Timur Sultanov
Co-Founder, IT-Guru
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics.
An expert in product management and software development, bringing useful and delightful products to life.
Over 10 years of experience in IT and close to IT business cases: started as a software developer, took part in startups, was Head of IT of Russian Olympic Committee, was responsible for complete cycle of government and commercial IT- products delivery.
Huge cross-spheres background and practice taking into account business purposes, actual technological capabilities and usability.
Jangin Alexander
Insurance Advisor
The Air Force Engineering Academy named after Zhukovsky.
Worked in a commercial bank in the position of chief accountant. Vast experience in large (top-10) insurance companies with a broad regional network on top-management positions. Expert in accounting and reporting, budgeting and planning companies, management reporting, financial and economic analysis projects, automation of activities and optimisation of business processes.
Turbina Capitolina
Advisor Decentralised operation legal aspects, European Union insurance market
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Chairman of the Russian Section (AEB) International Association of Insurance Law.
Since 1997 the director of the Gen Re representative office, Berkshire Hathaway Inc..
Søren Fog
Blockchain & crypto Advisor
Founder and CEO of iprotus and inventor of its core technology. Founder and lead of TokenBooster. Co- founder of Crypto Valley Association. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger thought leader.
Over 25 years of experience in leadership, IT and software development, architecture and business development within Internet, financials and pharmaceuticals.
10+ years of consulting and advising in a wide range of related disciplines, such as hard-core development, systems architecture, feasibility studies, start-up mentoring, entrepreneurship, business development.
Alda Ralf
Insurance Advisor
Ralf worked for Gerling Konzern Insurance Group (TOP 5 insurance companies) for almost 20 years, was responsible for the establishment and management of insurance and insurance broker companies across Central & Eastern Europe. After it Ralf was CEO for Capgemini Russia for more than 6 years. Since September 2016 he worked as Executive Director for a year with Pallas Capital, a leading Austrian investment banking group for SME. Since September 2017 he has been working as Managing Partner for ARIETES CAPITAL & REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT GMBH, his own small investment banking group.
Georgy Urushadze
Marketing and PR Advisor
The field of expertise is PR, marketing, strategic planning, change management.
Mentor in Skolkovo. St. Petersburg State University, the program Exponential Medicine Singularity University. 24 years of experience in marketing and PR: creation of an advertising agency "Group of cultural projects", working for the largest companies of the country.
Vladimir Popov
ICO legal support
Baikal State University, Faculty of Law, specialist in public international law. IT & blockchain-lawyer, author of studies about ICO, blockchain and crypto-currencies.
Main specialization - project evaluation, support of ICO. The creator of the methodology 4K for the project analysis.
Experience with ICO:
- Content marketing - Kickico,, Eloplay, Pluscoin.
- Legal part - Descrow, Imagine8, (also the same PlusCoin), DokaDecora
- Checking projects for the token economy and legal support -, b2bx, digmus, squarex, Charitize (Solomon)
- Special and collaborative research for ICOtracker
- Primary estimate - Nimfamoney, Sorin, SProject
- Valuation for investors - Coss, Golos, Decent, etc.
Yury Bochenkov
Legal support
Higher School of Economics, Russia, Law degree 15 years of experience in the legal support of various IT, telecom and high- tech projects.
Full legal coverage of the companies in various jurisdictions – Russia, Europe, CIS, Africa and Middle East: from creation to support of the activities and building a compliance program. Currently supporting telecommunication and new technologies projects in Belgium.
Boris Ryabov
Investments Advisor
Managing Partner at Bright Capital LLC. bringing extensive experience in Private Equity investments.
In 2009 Boris was appointed to the position of Deputy Director General, RU-COM, before that - from 2008 he held the position of Director for Investments and Assessment, RU-COM.
From 2003 till 2007 Boris held the position of Director for Strategic Development and Technologies at "36.6 Pharmacy Chain". From 2001 till 2003 he held different positions in JSB Rosbank.
In 2001 he graduated from the Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation. In 2009 he graduated from Warwik University, UK, and obtained Master of Business Administration degree.
Dmitriy Chirkin
Legal Support
Dmitry Chirkin (White Stone law firm) is a cross-border projects lawyer with more than 13 years of experience in both digital (VC, ICO) and traditional spheres of legal practice (finance and M&A) working for major international law firms (PwC Legal, Chadbourne&Parke, Dentons) and for global clients. During past years Dmitry and his team has advised Russian and international clients on ICO related issues.
Alexey Yurov
Token Advisor
Current projects:
– Rospatent Russian State Intellectual Property authority to blockchain
– Tokenadvisors, Singapore, Managing Partner
– Realized working project blockchain for
– MGIMO (the most prestigious Russian university) professor
– MIT Fintech: Future Business
– 25 years in marketing, branding works for GoldStar/LG, Sony, Daewoo Epson
Vernon Wilkes
Insurance Advisor
Of significant past work has been the establishment of several insurance companies, running a £2 billion insurer with cash assets of over £4 billion for almost 3 years, launched a health insurer, a postal insurance life and PA insurance risk company in Africa. In contract today as an advisor to G Re a Luxembourg Holding company which owns a reinsurer in Guernsey and CGI in Gibraltar. In addition advisor to an Irish Managing General Agency which serves Jardine and others. Nominated in 2017 as Liveryman to the Worshipful Compamny of insurers.
Dolgiy Nikita
Financial Advisor
Managing partner at Wolfline Capital. Head of trading desk.
Professional activity: Financier. Development and improvement of the systems of risk management. Arbitrage strategies using fixed income instruments. Financial modeling and funding with large corporate customers. Setting-up and administrating of investment funds (management companies, family offices) and BI, Mass Market IT-projects.
Kalmykov Viktor
Financial Advisor
PhD, Head of the department of credit risk at Wolfline Capital.
Professional activity: Has long-term experience in analysis of credit risk, structuring and providing financial and legal support to Russian and international companies in process of running M&A and IPO deals, restructuring of groups of companies.
Petlenko Vladislav
Financial Advisor
Managing partner at Wolfline Capital. CEO.
Professional activity: Financier. Business and Investment Valuation, Business and Financial Modeling. Start-ups funding and management consulting.
Setting-up and administrating of investment funds (management companies, family offices) and BI, Mass Market IT-projects.
Keleinov Philipp
Development Director
10+ years in computer technology; 6+ years of managing tech teams, sized up to 30 people;
Took positions ranging from Software Developer to Project Manager; Took part in several successful software development stories and (which is more important) in couple of unsuccessful ones. Worked in Russia and US. Have experience of working in international
companies and projects.
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